I started freediving in 1994 during my first visit to Greece. In the year 2000 I attended my first competition, the 1st Danish Championships (DM 2000) at the island of Bornholm in Denmark. I have attended several competitions since including club competitions in the Aarhus Freediving Club, nationals, and internationals (e.g. Indoor-DM 2001, DM 2002 (pictures), 1st Copenhagen Open 2002 (pictures), 1st Dutch Open 2002), the biggest of which was the AIDA-Team World Championships, Ibiza, Spain, 2001, as coach for the Danish team (see pictures here).

Together with two friends Peter Mejlhede and Stig Aavall Severinsen I founded AFK-Aarhus Freediving Club, Denmark, in 2000. I was chairman, assistant coach, life guard, and trained freediving there in the period 2000-2003, before moving to Sydney. Have been the organizer of record attempts and competitions both local (within the club) and national selection trials and championships. I have furthermore been safety diver at several freediving events.

Since 2001 I have been member of the board in Dansk Fridykkerforbund-AIDA Denmark that is associated with the international freediving association AIDA-International.
My position in the board has been 'AIDA-International Consultant' including being an assembly member of AIDA-International.

I have been a national freediving judge under AIDA-Denmark since 2001, and am certified to judge at Danish and Swedish freediving events.

Currently I am training with my wife and some freediving friends in a more informal club 'AFK-South' in Sydney in our private 25m / 50m lap pools and in the oceans around Australia.