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Current Teaching

In 2012 I'm teaching an old favourite, INFO1903 Informatics again!

Previous I've taught:

  • ENGG1801 Engineering Computing
  • COSC1002 Computational Science (C)
  • COSC1001 Computational Science (Matlab)

A couple of posters about our online programming system used in ENGG1801 and INFO1903 and research led teaching in INFO1903.

In 2011 I completed the Graduate Certificate in Educational Studies (Higher Education).

Astroinformatics School

A 3-day workshop for astronomy PhD students and postdoctoral researchers, supported by the Astronomical Society of Australia

Previous Teaching

  • In 2006 I developed a new unit of study, INFO1903 Informatics (Advanced) (Course website)

Analysing empirical information is the cornerstone of many domains, including science, engineering, economics and social science. Graduates in these domains must be able to process, manipulate and present the growing quantities of data effectively. Although computing should play a key role, we rarely exploit the full power of existing or custom software to efficiently convert data into information and then knowledge. INFO1903 was designed to equip students with the skills and techniques for exploiting data effectively.