Flare prediction links

NOAA's latest three-day space weather predictions
Peter Gallagher's Flare Prediction System at NASA - beautiful up-to-date pictures of the Sun also available here
Latest flare forecast from IPS's Culgoora Observatory - uses Pat McIntosh's Expert System "Theophrastus"
Latest flare forecast from IPS's Learmonth Observatory - uses the SPOTS code
Latest GOES 5 minute X-ray plot - has a flare just happened?
A space weather summary page - the NOAA forecasts are in the left panel

Additional information:

Main flare prediction page
Summary of all predictions made to date
More detail on how today's predictions were made
Automatic check of the reliability of the predictions
Prediction for 4 November 2003
A test of the method on historical data
Mike Wheatland's home page

Acknowledgement: The predictions given here are based on information from the Space Environment Center, Boulder, CO, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), US Dept. of Commerce.

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