What's new on the Sun?

[AR11029 from Stereo Ahead]
Active region 11029, seen in the extreme UV by the STEREO A spacecraft. Click for large version.

Latest data
SolarMonitor.org - latest images of the Sun
Lockheed Martin's Space Weather monitor
NOAA's Today's Space Weather
NOAA's Solar Cycle Progression page
NOAA's list of sites with real-time solar data
Latest plot of X-rays from the Sun
Hinode/SOT Spectropolarimeter data
SOLIS - a new ground-based full disk vector magnetogram
Solar - Terrestrial Physics data at the US NGDC
Latest solar event lists
Lockheed Martin's Active Regions page
NGDC solar data online
Australian Government IPS Radio and Space Services
SOHO Homepage
SDO Homepage
SDO Blog

Hugh Hudson's archive of flare/CME cartoons
Build your own paper model of the Sun, courtesy Canon
Our Mr. Sun - a 1956 movie about the Sun by Frank Capra

Springer's Solar Physics Online
The Astrophysical Journal Online
Astronomy & Astrophysics Online
Solar Physics E-Print Archive

Image/movie galleries
Transition Region and Coronal Explorer (TRACE) gallery
Set of solar images recently published in the Boston Globe 2008

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