3rd Complex Plasma Laboratory Seminar Update!!

It was our pleasure to be see presentations from our distinguished guests Prof. Tsytovich from the Russian Academy of Sciences and Dr. Ostrikov from Nanyang Technological University. Prof. Tsytovich gave us a good picture and theory of how voids are formed in dust plasma. While Dr. Ostrikov explain to us how dust plasma can be used in material fabrication. The talks gave us an insight from theory to application.

We also get to see the latest scientific visualization work done by our students from CPL. Our students Felix Cheung and William Tsang explained to us the concepts of periodic pause in cluster rotation and dust vortex velocity distribution with the aid of 3-D visualization software. It is very interesting to see how the students manage to explain difficult aspects of their research project with the use of technology. For more information, please check the following page:
Dust cluster rotation : 3D phase diagram>>
Complex plasma vortex : velocity distribution map>>

Though the talk ran abit overtime due to the vast amount of information given by Dr. Tsytovich, the audience were very pleased with the information given by the presentation.

To see images of the presentation, please check the following links:

Image 1>>
Image 2>>
Image 3>>



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