A preliminary schedule is now available through this link.

Invited Speakers

George HealdCSIRO Astronomy and Space Science
Gianni BernardiSKA SA & Rhodes University
Elaine SadlerThe University of Sydney
Tessa VernstromUniversity of Toronto
Poonam ChandraNational Centre for Radio Astrophysics
Masafumi ImaiThe University of Iowa
Andre OffringaNetherlands Institute for Radio Astronomy (ASTRON)
Laura WolzThe University of Melbourne
Kevin StovallNational Radio Astronomy Observatory

Workshop Sessions

In addition to the conference proceedings, a number of workshop sessions will be held on Tuesday 12 December. Please see below for details of these workshops, and direct any queries to the workshop contact.

LOFAR Multifrequency Snapshot Sky Survey (MSSS): Planning and Busy Day

Description: MSSS is LOFAR's first all-sky imaging survey. Progress toward a 45" catalog and data release continues, and in this workshop we will discuss project plans and science goals, as well as undertake some focused activity to continue to characterise the MSSS data products.

Room: Sydney Nanoscience Hub (SNH) 3001

Contact: Jess Broderick -

MWA Epoch of Reionisation Busy Day

Description: The MWA EoR collaboration members will meet to discuss plans for the EoR experiment, work on a common data calibration framework, and undertake joint analysis of current data challenges.

Room: Sydney Nanoscience Hub (SNH) 4001

Contact: Cath Trott -

MWA/GLEAM busy day

Description: The MWA GLEAM collaboration members will meet to discuss plans for the GLEAM project.

Room: Physics Building 414A

Contact: Guilaume Drouart -