SUSI Documents

Recent SUSI documents about various things.
See also the directory /import/chef2/susi/doc for a repository of documents.

astromod05.pdf WJT - The SUSI Astrometric Model and 'the pointing problem'. (Not yet in /susidocuments)

broadband.pdf WJT - The effective wavelength for broadband fringe detection using fringe scanning.
 Erratum: In broadband.pdf there is an error on page 6. Please replace 
  the "1" inside the square brackets on the RHS of Eq. (4.8) by sigma_0^2.

coding.pdf TtB,AJB,WJT - The SUSI Software Standard. Preferred SUSI coding practices.

environ.pdf  WJT -  How to download data from the environdata data logger.

ntpsync.pdf WJT - Notes about time at SUSI, ntp, etc.

picos.pdf WJT - How to set the picomotor speeds.

scanning_method.pdf WJT - Measuring V^2 using a scanning interferometer and the SUSI data pipeline.

susipoint.pdf WJT - How to use 'susipoint' to find siderostat pointing solutions.

Wavelength.pdf JD - The Effective Wavelength of SUSI's 700nm System.
 See also the Red Table paper.

Wobble2_Image_Alignment.doc JD - Notes about getting beams onto the wobble camera chip correctly. JD - Wobble images.

Other documents

Obs_Proposal.xls .
Pipeline_Corrections.pdf .
WobFr_Correlation.doc .

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