PHYS1001 (Regular): Thermal Physics module


Lecture Topic Lecture
Worked examples and links
Lecture 1 Temperature and heat pdf  
Lecture 2 Thermal expansion pdf • Tape measure PDF
• Petrol tanker PDF
• Flask and water PDF
Lecture 3 Phase change and heat capacity pdf • Heat curve for water and ice: PDF
• Boiling water: PDF
• Steam condensing: PDF
Lecture 4 Mechanisms of heat transfer pdf • Igloo: PDF
Lecture 5 Ideal gases and the kinetic theory model pdf  
Lecture 6 The first law of thermodynamics pdf  
Lecture 7 The first law of thermodynamics, continued pdf • Piston: PDF
Lecture 8 The second law of thermodynamics pdf • Coffee: PDF
Lecture 9 Heat engines pdf  
Lecture 10 The Carnot cycle, and Review pdf Animation of the Carnot cycle

Fun stuff: Flanders and Swann, The Laws of Thermodynamics


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