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The Australian Centre for Space Photonics

Raison d'etre

To expand unique Australian capabilities and experience to progress research into key technologies for an interplanetary high-data rate optical communications link that are synergistic with near term space communication needs.

System Concept - a telescope with laser transmitter in Mars orbit, comparable in size to the Hubble Space Telescope, acts as a communications relay for Mars probes to send their data back to earth at high data rates in a beam of light. A receiving station might be on the Earth's surface as shown here, or in Earth orbit. Image assembled using photos of planets from NASA's photojournal. (higher resolution version here, and of a space-based receiver concept here)

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Why lasers? - an explanation for non-scientists

Why lasers? - an explanation for scientists

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  • Powerpoint presentation for the 2nd Australian Space Science Workshop, July 2002. (850KB)
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