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List of Poster Presentations

Presenter(s) Poster Title and Related Session
1. Future Face of Astronomy
Stephen Hughes Astronomy as a means of inspiring students to do science
2. ISM and Star Formation
Catherine Braiding Star Formation and the Hall Effect
James Caswell Magnetic fields around embryonic massive stars
Korinne McDonnell Radial Velocities of Stars in the Southern Coalsack Region
Quentin Parker The Macquarie/AAO/Strasbourg H-alpha Planetary Nebulae project (MASH)
Chris Phillips What is brewing at the sites of Methanol Masers?
Cormac Purcell A CH3CN and HCO+ survey of southern methanol maser sites
Warren Reid Discovery of Planetary Nebula in the LMC
William Zealey Dark clouds and Filamentary Nebulosity
3. Sun, Stars & Planets
Daniel Bayliss Photospheric Titanium and Chromium Abundances
Jackie Chapman Dust Grains in C-Type Shock Waves
Jessie Christiansen Searching for planets at UNSW
Daniel Grether How Dry is the Brown Dwarf Desert?
Nick Lomb The sunspot cycle revisited
Katherine Manson Tv Columbae
Hrvoje Pavicic Numerical investigation of lunar capture theory (in 2D)
4. Virtual Observatory & Computational Astrophysics
Katie Kern i - GEtool
Jason Moore Mathematical Morphology and its Application in Astronomical Imaging
Randall Wayth Distributed Computing Gravitational Lens Modelling
5. Extreme Objects and Gravity Waves
Matthew Bailes Pulsar Timing and General Relativity
Ronald Burman Pulsar magnetic alignment and the pulsewidth-age relation
Sean Farrell The Effect of a Varying Frequency on the Lomb-Scargle Periodogram
David Galloway Strong-field nonlinear dynamos
Qinghuan Luo Coherent radio emission induced by high-energy cosmic rays
Andrew Melatos Rotating superfluid dynamics in neutron stars
Steve Ord Precision Pulsar Timing and the Gravitational Wave Background
Paul ten Boom The Pioneer Anomaly
6. Milky Way & the Magellanic Clouds
Alyson Ford GASS: The Galactic All-Sky Survey
Katherine Newton-McGee Depolarisation Silhouettes and Faraday Mapping
Sayuri Prior RR Lyrae stars as tracers of substructure in the Galactic halo
Jose Robles Are the Elemental Abundances of the Thin Disk Stars exactly Solar?
7. Galaxies
Peter Firth Ultra-Compact Dwarf Objects in Galaxy Groups
Alister Graham Galaxy structure, central mass deficits, and the galactic merger history of the Universe
Tina House N-body simulations of 'direct hit' minor mergers and the effects on galactic disks
Vicky Safouris A 3D simulation of a restarting jet
8. Instrumentation & New Projects
Anne Green The SKA Molonglo Prototype (SKAMP) project
Carole Jackson Radio Astronomy futures: Australian collaboration with EU SKA R&D
Carole Jackson Astronomy & the SKA: Specifying the Radio Telescope of the Future
Simon Johnston Australia's Contribution to the SKA Project
Suzanne Kenyon Hunting for Aurorae at Dome C, Antarctica, with Nigel
Jon Lawrence McMISM - Mid Infrared Sky Monitor for Antarctica
Jamie Stevens The Murchison Widefield Array Low Frequency Demonstrator Early Deployment
John Storey ALTA - Australia's 8-metre Antarctic telescope for the ELT era
9. Galaxy Groups, Clusters & Large-Scale Structure
Melanie Johnston-Hollitt Radio Imaging of the Double Relic Cluster A3376
Virginia Kilborn The evolution of galaxies in groups: HI and X-ray properties
Lesa Moore An ultra-deep survey of low surface brightness galaxies in the Virgo cluster
Clair Murrowood Structure in the Central Region of the Horologium-Reticulum Supercluster
10. Mapping the Universe
Russell Cannon The 2SLAQ Redshift Survey
Heath Jones Wide Field Imager Lyman Alpha Search: Final Results
Michael Pracy Integral Field Spectroscopy of the E+A galaxies in AC 114
Elaine Sadler The radio sky at 20 and 100 GHz
Cliff Senkbeil The Mini-MASIV Survey
Stuart Wyithe A Log-Quadratic Relation Between the Nuclear Black-Hole Masses and Velocity Dispersions of Galaxies
12. Extragalactic Astrophysics & Cosmology
Geoff Bicknell Magnetic Fields in Accretion Disks and Blazars
Michael Drinkwater Methods to Constrain the Nature of Dark Energy
Victor Flambaum Isotopic shifts of atomic transition frequencies for measurements of cosmological evolution of isotopic abundances
Lucyna Kedziora-Chudczer VLBI monitoring of Intraday Variable quasar, PKS 0405-385

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