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Registration Costs

Additional Expenses

Registration Form


Registration Costs

Includes a reception with drinks at 6pm on Sun and the conference dinner plus drinks on Wed evening.

Registration costs are (all prices include GST):

Conference Full Registration Student/Retired member Registration
ASA2005 (before 15 May 2005) $300 $200
ASA2005 (after 15 May 2005) $350 $250
ASA2005 (after 20 June 2005) $300 (no dinner) $200 (no dinner)
Speaker Registration Student Registration
HWWS 2005 (before 15 May 2005) $85 $175
HWWS 2005 (after 15 May 2005) (n.a.) $195

Additional Expenses

Extra Conference Dinner Guest (all prices include GST):

ASA2005 HWWS 2005
No longer available $60

If students attending the Harley Wood Winter School require financial help, or would like to share accommodation costs please refer to the Harley Wood Winter School web site for more information.

To register for either the Harley Wood Winter School or the ASA2005 Conference please complete the registration form.

Open Registration Form

Last modified on 20 June, 2005.
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