Macquarie Uni - 2000 and 2001

[Mike and the QEII]
In 2001, following my time at Macquarie, I started a QEII Fellowship at the Uni of Sydney. The QEII (the ship) was docking, and a friend, who is a photographer, took a pic of me posed in front of the royal lady of the seas. [Pic: John Murray.]

In 2000 I suspended a fellowship at the University of Sydney to take up a fixed-term lecturing position at Macquarie University. I taught two courses in semester 2 2000 (PHYS304 on Quantum Physics and PHYS378 on General Relativity), and two courses in semester 1 2000 (PHYS220 on Scientific Modeling and PHYS377 on Astrophysics), as well as holding some tutorials for first year. I wrote detailed lecture notes for all of the courses.

Lecture notes
Lecture notes for a Senior unit on Quantum Physics
Lecture notes for a Senior unit on General Relativity
Lecture notes for a Senior unit on Astrophysics
Lecture notes for an Intermediate unit on Scientific Modeling

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