The 4th ICPDP in Orleans

The news just got into our mail today. The 4th International Conference on the Physics of Dusty Plasmas (ICPDP4) will be held in Orléans, France in 2005. Orleans is a very nice French town located in 130 km south of Paris along the Loire river. The conference will be held on the Orleans University campus in the “Ecole Polytechnic” buildings.

The organizing commitee provided us with the information as follows:

"As in the previous conferences in this series, the program of the conference will focus on the full range of dusty and complex plasma physics phenomena: both basic and applied science aspects including theory, simulation, laboratory and microgravity experiments, astrophysical and space observations, fusion research related phenomena and industrial applications. The conference will run over five days, and it will include invited general lectures, as well as oral and poster sessions. Adequate time will be arranged for discussions.

As a tradition of the ICPDP conference, the social program will introduce the participant to unforgettable places of our region. We are looking forward to seeing you in Orléans in June 2005.

Laïfa El-hadi Boufendi"

The deadline for abstract submission has been advised to be 1st of January 2005. The conference will be sectioned into 7 categories. They are:
1- Strongly Coupled Dusty plasmas
2- Dusty Plasmas in Astrophysics and Cosmology
3- Dusty Plasmas in the Solar System
4- Dusty Plasmas in the Mesosphere
5- Dusty Plasma Diagnostics
6- Dusty Plasmas in Laboratory
7- Dusty Plasmas in Industry

No official website has been announced yet but details are expected to be given in the next announcement on the 1st of June. CPL will keep you informed as the date draws closer.

Felix Cheung








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