CPL 2nd Anniversary Campaign Offer #1

I can't believe it! Our Complex Plasma Laboratory website had been opened for 2 years. So many events have happened over the last two years and both our staff and our researches have evolved with the growth of the website. We have received many positive responses and we are deeply grateful for the support from everyone.

I am about to finish my thesis and my colleagues in CPL and I are looking forward to meet everyone at ICPDP 4. And in order to celebrate this happy moment, CPL will be giving out many free gifts. And the first gift set to be announced is our limited "CPL wallpaper edition" Australian 50 cents stamps. Each gift set is packaged with 12 Australian 50cents domestic postal stamps with each month's wallpaper printed next to the tab (See Figure 1). The gift set includes a "behind the scene" information booklet about Sydney, University of Sydney, Complex Plasma Laboratory, and the creation of our wallpapers.

Fig.1 - Three examples of our limited Australian stamps featuring "Dust Contamination", "Magneto Hydrodynamics", and "Zodiacal Lights". (Note: Final product might vary from above design)

And in order to be eligible for this free gift set, all you have to do is to submit 1 piece of news about complex plasma to our website. And if your news is published on our website, we will send you 1 set of our limited stamps sometime around April 2005. The more you submit, the more sets you are eligible for. For more information about submitting news, please check the following link:

Submit News>>

More gifts will be announced in the next month or so. So please come back and check regularly for new information.


Felix Cheung


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