CPL Welcomes 8 New Members

Following the previous success in Talented Student Program (TSP) and Third Year Student Projects, 8 gifted students will be joining us CPL this semester doing research in a number of areas. Some of these students will work individually while others will work as a group.

Fig. 1 - Three of the Talented Students - Timothy Olshansky (Leftmost), Peter Berger (Left), and James Simonian (Middle) will be working with our beloved investigators - Alex Samarian (Right) and William Tsang (Rightmost).

Fig. 2 - Our third year student Steven Barkby is receiving some useful advices from our investigator Cameron Ford.

Fig.3 - Chris Brunner will be studying the radial and azimuthal stability coefficient of dust clusters.

Fig. 4 - Our students, Anna Ougrinovskaia (Right) and Daniel Yardley (Left), seems very excited already before any work has started.

Brief stats about the students are as follows:

Stephen Barkby, third year student, will investigate the influence of brownian motion in the stability and the intershell rotation of dust clusters. His project is an extension of the existing simulation program written in Matlab which was previously developed by Cameron Ford.

Chris Brunner, third year student, will be analysing our experimental data on dust clusters and obtain both their radial and azimuthal stability coefficients. The relationship between the two coefficients will also be investigated.

Timothy Olshansky, Peter Berger, and James Simonian, first year students, will be doing some experiments with William Tsang.

Anna Ougrinovskaia, third year student, and Daniel Yardley, second year student, will be studying interparticle forces between vertically aligned particles. This project is a continuation of the work performed by Lenaic Couedel..

Hayim Dar, first year student, will be working with our chief investigator Kostya Ostrikov on theoretical work and computer simulation.

CPL would like to welcome these eight new gifted members and wish them all the bests in their research of complex plasmas.


Felix Cheung




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