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We are very fortunate to have obtained two email addresses on the new google mail services for the purpose of news submission for our complex plasma community. The email accounts can hold up to 1 Gb of information and will allow us to accept attachments with size up to 10Mb. They are:

So if:

  • you just published an important paper or attended a conference on complex plasma
  • you want to promote your current complex plasma researches at your institution
  • you would like to invite our complex plasma community to an upcoming event
  • you would like to inform other complex plasma physicists about some groundbreaking news

then please submit your news to us via one of the above email addresses. There are many advantages of publishing your news on our website such as:

  • We are the biggest, most up-to-date, most popular complex plasma website with active discussion forum in the world.
  • Our website appears at the top of the search results in almost all search engines including Google, MSN, Yahoo, AOL, and Lycos (Keywords: Complex, Plasma). So your news will be found easily by other people in our complex plasma community.
  • By submitting your news to our website, you help strengthen the communications between international research groups in complex plasmas.

How to prepare your news submission

  1. Please give your news article a title (< 10 words), a brief introduction (< 30words), the information (no limit), and the names and the contact information of the authors.
  2. The articles can be in plain text format. We also accept other formats including DOC, HTML, PDF, PPT, SWF
  3. For graphics, we can accept most formats including JPEG (this is our preferred format), PNG, BMP, GIF and TIFF.
  4. For movies, we can accept MPEG (this is our preferred format), AVI, WMV, ASF, animated GIF, RM, and MOV.
  5. The file size limit of your submission is 10Mb. You can submit your news article as multiple emails if you want. If you wish, you can compress all your files into a single compressed archive files using WinZip, WinRAR, WinUHA, PKZip, tar + gzip, arj, lha, uc2, uuencode, compress, Stuffit or Zipit.


Felix Cheung


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