Major Updates Coming Up!

Sorry everyone for not updating our website for such a long time. It is because I am currently writing up my PhD thesis. I have written abour half of my thesis and it is very tiring. But the end result should be something which everyone look forward to.
Having said that, there will be a major update to our website soon. The introduction section will be revamped and hopefully be opened in the next week or so. It should provide a general view of complex plasma to people new to this field. I am in the process of making the wallpaper for next month. It is hard to keep up with the demand of making a wallpaper every month but I am doing my best. I am also writing up several news update at the moment. Keep checking our website regularly!>

The next piece of news is that at the end of May, a team leader of the Plasma Processing Laboratory in Nanyang Technological University, Singapore will be visiting us! This is something we are looking forward to.

Fig.1 - "Finally I am at the stage of writing up my PhD thesis..."


Felix Cheung


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