Progress Report on Simulation of 2 Particles Oscillation

Leanic Couedel has been working with us for almost a month now. He has settled down in Sydney and had made significant progress in his project in such short amount of time.
In his project, the interaction between two vertically aligned dust particles in 1D had been simulated. An understanding of how these particles behave allow more complicated simulations to be developed for our understanding in the experimental data. In his 1D model, he demonstrated that the behavior of the 2 particles system is similar to coupled harmonic oscillator. He also showed that Coulomb force is insufficient to explain the behavior of the dust particles. More details on the result is expected to be published soon.

Fig.1 - Lenaic Couedel working hard on his simulation for 2 particles oscillation.. Still got 3 months to go.


Felix Cheung


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