CPL Coming to ICPDP4 in Orleans

Yay! Alex and I have submitted 7 abstracts to the 4th International Conference on the Physics of Dusty Plasmas (ICPDP4) on 15th of January. Have you submitted yours before the deadline yet? I hope so. Looks like we will be going to Orleans, France in June.

The titles of our abstracts are as follows:

  1. Coulomb Clusters in Dusty Plasmas: Rotation and Stability
  2. Experiments on Alignment of Dust Particles in a Plasma Sheath
  3. Measurements of Electric Field and Dust Charge in a Plasma Sheath
  4. Nonlinear Modes of Oscillations of Two Dust Particles
  5. Particle Charges Determination for Two Vertically Aligned Dust Particles in a Complex Plasma
  6. Spectrum of Energy States of Dust Coulomb Clusters
  7. Wake Pairing of Dust Particles

The corresponding abstract can be downloaded by clicking the links above.


Felix Cheung


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