"Ni Hao!" from Dalian University of Technology

Today Jayson Jiang who studies dusty plasma at the Dalian Universtiy of Technology sent me a "Ni Hao" (or Hello in English) email. This is the first time I heard about Jayson and DLUT. Jayson is a first year PhD research student at the Dalian University of Technology. He is currently doing research on strongly coupled dusty plasma.

Thanks to Jayson, now I realise China had started to conduct researches on complex plasma. According to Jayson's information, there are three universities in China which are active in this scientific field. They are:

And together with the well known research group in Taiwan led by Prof. Lin I

they represent the Chinese forces in the research of complex plasma. I feel very fortunate to have met Prof. Lin I in ICPDP 3 in Durban, South Africa. And I have talked to Li Yang Fang from USTC via our research forum before. So I am really looking forward to hear more news from Jayson on his research in Dalian.

After chatting to Jayson on MSN, I am so happy to know that China is catching up in scientific research. I will put up a news update about them when I get to know more. Here is an introduction slide which he sent to me of their current research in dusty plasma.

Note: Apparently Jayson had trouble accessing to the ICPDP4 website as it got restricted after accessing a few times. I wonder if this has anything to do with internet content filtering in China. For those in similar situation (and still manage to come to this website), you can email all your questions to the official organizers.


Felix Cheung


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