CPL Is Back And Running!!

For those of you who have been anticipating new information on our website, I apologize for the delay in my update. Well, the good news first. My thesis has passed in July last year and so I am officially a Doctor now. I would like to thank Prof. Greg Morfill, Prof. Laifa Boufendi and Dr. Sergey Vladimirov for examining my thesis. Your help and effort is much appreciated.

After departing from ICPDP4, I went to three cities in China, namely Beijing, Dalian, and Hefei to visit the complex plasma research groups and gave talks there. After returning back to Sydney, I was completely tired out.

For the next few months, I just couldn't find the energy and interest to update the website. If you did not know before, our CPL website is a "one man job". That means over the last three and a half years, I gather the information, write the articles, illustrate with pictures, compile it into HTML, and then upload to the website all by myself. It is a very time-consuming, labor-intensive task bounded by limited resource. Moreover, having spent a whole year of time writing my thesis, I simply developed a reluctance to touch anything related to complex plasma. Initially, I had many plans for this website including putting up video recordings from ICPDP4 onto our Complex Plasma Laboratory Live Coverage. But then, I came to the cross-road where I do not know where I want to take myself and this website to.

While my mind was in this "vacuum" state, I went to do other things. I applied for HFSP Postdoctoral Fellowship to do research in neurosciences at the University of Tokyo in September last year. The results will not be known until the end of March. I also went to obtain accreditation in professional translation and interpretation between English and Chinese both ways and entered the "World Year of Physics" art competition in November last year. At the moment, I am also trying to specialise in Japanese while looking for work experience in I.T/Media industry..

Then, in the last few weeks, I was informed by emails and MSN from a number of colleauges and students that they were directed to this website for information on complex plasma. They commended our CPL website for its user-friendliness and unique information. The news was extremely encouraging and I was very moved that the effort I spent on this website was not wasted.

My co-supervisor Alex had also been very supportive during this time and obtained a small grant for me to publish my findings from my thesis. I will start writing them very soon. So in the meantime, the CPL website is revived once again at least until the end of March. I will try to put up as much information as possible during this time.



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