February 2005

CP Alerts - February 2006

Latest information on worldwide Dusty Plasma and Complex Plasma activities
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CPL Scored the Third Time in a Row in GEM

We thought we won't be able to make it this year, but our talented student James Stoke proved us wrong by giving the GEM audience an astounding presentation..
(18/01/2006) More Details>>

Presheath Structure of a Dust-contaminated Plasma

USTC recently published a paper on the presheath structure of a dusty plasma considering electron-impact ionization, plasma loss due to capture of electrons and ions by dust grains, ion-dust collisions, as well as dust charge variations.
(22/02/2006) More Details>>

GEM 2006 Photos

For those who attended the GEM Conference this year, here are some photos taken at Murramarang resort in case you forgot to bring your camera.
(22/02/2006) More Details>>


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