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The Workshop Tutorial Project Team:

Manjula Sharma (University of Sydney)
Rosemary Millar (University of Sydney)
Kate Wilson (University of Sydney)
Colleen Moroney (ACU National)
Richard Newbury (University of New South Wales)
Peter Logan (University of Technology, Sydney)
Ian Cathers (University of Sydney)
Gil Vella (University of Sydney)
George Emeleus (University of Western Sydney)


This project would not have been possible without the assistance of many people beyond the Workshop Tutorial Project Group.

Darren Goossens drew the cartoons throughout the tutorial sheets.

Bill Rachinger proof read everything, and provided much valuable feedback, and many helpful suggestions. Bob Hewitt, Brian McInnes, Trevor Danos and Ian Sefton helped with proof reading and provided useful suggestions. Questions and solutions were contributed by Ian Cooper, Pal Fekete and Malathi Nagarajan. Karl Kruzelnicki suggested some interesting questions, and was the source of the falling-cats physics. David Low provided ideas for questions and activities, and Peter Eyland provided the Lenard-Jones potential diagrams.

Bob Lucas helped with image production for the activities manual. Eve Teran, Christy Manguerra, Elizabeth Hing and Hannah Jurd provided valuable administrative assistance and many ideas for questions.

Paul Ferguson and David Young were invaluable help with the activities, and provided much support and many ideas.

Tai Peseta helped with the evaluation of the project, including running focus groups. Christine Asmar assisted with preparation of the initial grant proposal.

We would like to thank staff, particularly the tutors, at all the institutions who helped in many different ways including providing valuable ongoing feedback during the project.

Images courtesy of:
Ford Australia (utility vehicle), Rivers Shoes (shoes), ANSTO (HiFAR reactor containment building), Riko Ribnica (hydraulic mower) and Vic Dent and Arie Verveer of Bickley Observatory (s-p waves), Parks Medical Electronics (pocket Doppler), Euchner (safety switch).

We appreciate these companies, people and organisations giving their permission to use their images.

Data on radiation doses is from the ARPANSA website, mass excess data is from G. Audi and A.H. Wapstra, Nucl. Phys. A565, 1 (1993), at

Design and programming for the website and CD is by Belinda Allen of EDTeC at UNSW and
cover design for the book is by Helena Brusic at the UNSW Publishing and Printing Services.

Financial support was provided by a 1999 CUTSD National Teaching Development Grant (Organizational) and the Science Foundation for Physics within the School of Physics, the Faculty of Science, and the College of Science and Technology at the University of Sydney.

Copyright 2002, The Workshop Tutorial Project
Published by UniServe Science,
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All cartoons copyright D. J. Goossens, 2002.


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