G. Kulcinski, University of Wisconsin Experimental and Theoretical Program Highlights from the University of Wisconsin IEC Program. (Abstract),(Presentation)
E. Hotta, Tokyo Institute of Technology Overview of Current and Past IEC Research in TITech. (Abstract),(Presentation)
K. Masuda, Kyoto University Overview of IEC Research at Kyoto University. (Abstract),(Presentation)
M. Utsumi, Tokai University Overview of Recent IEC Studies at Tokai University. (Abstract),(Presentation)
M. Ohnishi, Kansai University Application of IECF to Neutron Radiography. (Abstract)
Y. Yamamoto, Kansai University Generation of Neutron Beam with the Cylindrical Discharge type Fusion Device. (Abstract),(Presentation)
K. Takakura, Tokyo Institute of Technology Effects of azimuthal cusp magnetic field on neutron production rate in a cylindrical inertial electrostatic confinement device. (Abstract),(Presentation)
M. Michalak, University of Wisconsin-Madison Six Ion Gun Fusion Experiment Findings and Future Work. (Abstract),(Presentation)
G. Becerra, University of Wisconsin–Madison Enhancement of an Inertial Electrostatic Confinement Device with a Helicon Ion Source for Helium-3 Fusion. (Abstract),(Presentation)
R. Bonomo, University of Wisconsin–Madison UW IEC Group 2011: Continuing Preparations for 300 kV Operation -- Device Switching. (Abstract),(Presentation)
Y.Nakajima, Kansai University Discharge Simulation of IEC with the ion source. (Abstract), (Presentation)
Y. Ishikura, Kansai University IEC Operation with the Cathode Designed for Extracting Ion from Ion Source. (Abstract),(Presentation)
G. Emmert, University of Wisconsin - Madison Update on the VICTER code for Modeling Gridded, Spherically Symmetric IEC Devices. (Abstract),(Presentation)
E. Alderson, University of Wisconsin - Madison Negative Ion Studies in an IEC Fusion Device. (Abstract),(Presentation)
J. Santarius, University of Wisconsin - Madison Theoretical Exploration of UW IEC Device Operation at Moderate Pressures. (Abstract),(Presentation)
T. Kajiwara, Kyoto University Study on Upgrades of the Magnetron Ion Source for High Current Operation of the Low Pressure Driven IEC Device. (Abstract),(Presentation)
Y. Yamagaki, Kyoto University Experimental Results from an IEC Device Employing a 5-stage High Voltage Feedthrough. (Abstract),(Presentation)
H. Horibe, Kurita Manufacturing Corporation High Voltage Power Supply. (Abstract),(Presentation)
D. Gummersall, Sydney University Orbit theory study of electron confinement in a Polywell device. (Abstract),(Presentation)
A. Klein, The Multipole Ion-beam Experiment (MIX). (Abstract),(Presentation)
A. Klein, MARBLE: Multiple Ambipolar Recirculating Beam Line Experiment. (Abstract),(Presentation)
J. Rogers A Polywell p+11B Power Reactor. (Abstract),(Presentation), (Notes)
M. Carr, Sydney University Conventional Point Cusp Theories Applied to the Polywell. (Abstract),(Presentation)
J. Santarius, University of Wisconsin Workshop Summary, (Presentation)


A. Klein, The Multipole Ion-beam Experiment (MIX). (Abstract), (Poster)
A. Klein, The Multiple Ambipolar Recirculating Beam Line Experiment: MARBLE-1. (Abstract),(Poster)
H. Osawa, Kansai University Discharge Simulation on Miniaturization of IECF Device. (Abstract),(Poster)
R. Bandara, Sydney University Multi-modal oscillations in a spherical positive polarity inertial-electrostatic confinement device. (Abstract), (Poster)
S. Cornish, Sydney University The use of microchannels as an electron gun source for the Polywell. (Abstract), (Poster)
A. Israel, Sydney University Thrust measurements of a Charge-exchange Thruster. (Abstract)