Media stories on flares in AR 11029 (Oct-Nov 2009)

At the end of October in 2009 sunspot region 11029 interrupted an extended spot-free interval on the Sun, and produced a remarkable series of solar flares during one week. I studied the statistics of these flares using original Bayesian methods, and found a departure from a long-standing rule of flare occurrence. Links to overheads from talks on the study are available here ("A sunspot's tale"). I wrote an article for Australian Sky & Telescope, which appeared in the July 2010 issue. The article is linked to below, together with two other related media stories. A journal article on the results was published in the Astrophysical Journal.

Australian Sky & Telescope article, edited by Greg Bryant

COSMOS online story by Heather Catchpole

University of Sydney online story by Alison Muir
Astrophysical Journal article referred to in these stories
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