Recent talks

Wheatland, M.S. Nonlinear force-free fields and coronal magnetic field modeling
NCAR/HAO Colloquium, Boulder Colorado
19 October 2016
YouTube recording
Wheatland, M.S. and Cross, R.C. Modeling a falling slinky
School of Physics Research Bite
7 June 2012
Wheatland, M.S., Gilchrist, S.A., Noble, P.L., Cally, P.S., Donea, A.C. and Norton, A.A. Solar flares, active regions, and associated Australian research
11th Australian Space Science Conference 2011
26-29 September 2011
Wheatland, M.S. and Gilchrist, S.A. The magnetic field and its consequences in solar active regions
AOGS 2011, Taipei
8-12 August 2011
Wheatland, M.S. and Leka, K.D. Modelling magnetic fields in the corona using nonlinear force-free fields
First Asia-Pacific Solar Physics Meeting
Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Bangalore, India
23 March 2011
Wheatland, M.S. Computational modelling of stellar magnetic fields
Cosmic Magnetism -- From Stellar to Intergalactic Scales Conference
8 June 2010
Wheatland, M.S. A sunspot's tale
Sydney Skywatchers meeting, Sydney Observatory
1 February 2010
Wheatland, M.S. A sunspot's tale
School of Physics Colloquium
30 November 2009
Wheatland, M.S. Has the Sun lost its spots?
The University of Sydney
3 September 2009
Wheatland, M.S., Gilchrist, S.A., and Régnier, S. Modelling the coronal magnetic field using Hinode (and future) data
AOGS 2009, Singapore
14 August 2009
Wheatland, M.S. and Régnier, S. A self-consistent nonlinear force-free solution for a solar active region magnetic field
Oxford University
1 July 2009
Wheatland, M.S. A baseline flare prediction using only event statistics
Forecasting the Operational All-Clear NASA workshop
Boulder, Colorado
22-24 April 2009
Wheatland, M.S. Bayesian data analysis
22nd Canberra International Physics Summer School
Australian National University
12 December 2008
Wheatland, M.S., Rafat, M.Z., and Bedding, T.R. Chaos in the corridor
Applied Maths Seminar
University of NSW
12 September 2008
Wheatland, M.S. Nonlinear force-free magnetic fields
University of Waikato
24 May 2008
Wheatland, M.S. Evolution of electrical current systems in the solar atmosphere: what are the key questions, and why?
Living with a Star workshop
Boulder, Colorado
10-13 September 2007
Wheatland, M.S. A fast current-field iteration approach to nonlinear force-free fields
University of California, Berkeley
9 June 2006
Wheatland, M.S. Understanding solar flare statistics
American Geophysical Union Fall meeting
San Francisco, California
5-9 December 2005

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