CPL Visits Complex Plasma Research in China


Dalian University of Technology (大连理工大学), or DUT, is located in the beautiful costal city of Dalian. It is directly supervised by the National Ministry of Education. Founded in 1949, DUT has grown significantly into one of the key universities in China. The University has expertise in a number of technical disciplines Engineering, Architecture, Computer Science and Software Engineering. The University is composed of 9 schools and 27 departments. Since 1978, DUT has won 738 various awards for its achievements in scientific and technological researches, 6 of which were National Natural Science Award, 7 National Invention Award, and 20 awards in science and technology.

The campus is green, shady and peaceful. Many state leaders had visited the university including the former Chinese president Jiang Zemin and current Chinese president Hu Jintao. The campus is large and has comprehensive modern teaching and scientific research equipment. The University campus includes a sports ground, visiting lecturer hostel and an international class hotel.

Within DUT, it is the State Key Lab. of Materials Mod. by Laser, Ion & Electron Beams at the Physics Department which is currently conducting simulation work on complex plasma. Experimental work using CCP and ICP has just initiated.

  • Dalian University of Technology - State Key Lab. of Materials Mod. by Laser, Ion & Electron Beams

    Prof. You-Nian Wang
    Assist. Director of State Key Lab. of Materials Mod. by Laser, Ion & Electron Beams
    “Cheung Kong Scholars Programme” Specially Appointed Professor
    State Council Academic Discipline Assessment Committee Member
    Email: ynwang@dlut.edu.cn
    Research interest includes: low temperature plasma, surface modification, dusty plasma (simulation & experiment)

    Dr. Lu-Jing Hou
    PhD Students (just completed and now working at the University of Waterloo in Canada)
    Email: ljhou@math.uwaterloo.ca

    Jayson Jiang
    Master Student
    Email: kejiang@student.dlut.edu.cn
    Research interest includes: dusty plasma (simulation), mach cone, dust crystal, 2D plasma sheath

Preliminary experiments has been performed using the CCP system (left). Plans are undergoing in converting ICP system previously used for thin film deposition to conduct dusty plasma experiment.

Specifications (CCP)
Capacitively coupled rf plasma, Pressure = 0 to 400mTorr, SiH4/Ar + C2H4, Particle size = 10 to 100nm, Chamber = D 28cm × H 12cm, Upper grounded electrode = D 30cm, Lower powerede electrode = D 5cm with D 1cm × H 0.6cm cylindrical groove, Power RF p-p = 10W@13.56MHz, Electrode separation 4cm, 360 degrees glass cylindrical window

Specifications (ICP)
Current experiment on thin film deposition, Inductively coupled rf plasma, Power = 100-1000W, Pressure = 1-10mTorr
Ar gas, Chamber = D 40cm × H 40cm

A dust cluster produced using the CCP system.

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