CPL Visits Complex Plasma Research in China


  • University of Sciences and Technology of China

    Prof. Jin-Xiu Ma
    Principal Investigator
    Email: jxma@ustc.edu.cn
    Research interest includes: dusty plasma (double plasma experiment [began in 2003] & theory), waves, dust acoustic waves

    De Long Xiao
    PhD Student
    Email: dlxiao@mail.ustc.edu.cn
    Research interest includes: dust acoustic shockwave (theory), tokamak

    Yang-Fang Li
    PhD Student
    Oral Presentation at ICPDP4 (Orleans, France)
    Email: younglee@mail.ustc.edu.cn
    Research interest includes: sheath layer (theory), soliton

Symmetrical system - Double Plasma, Non-uniform discharge = non-uniform plasma, no confinement electrode, dust are in free fall, suitable for experiment on collective wave phenomena

Plasma density profile measured with langmuir probes.

Axial dust density

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