November 2002

Ciao from the European Complex Plasma Network

CPL catchup with Gianfranco Sorasio from the Complex Plasma Network in a special interview. (28/11/2002) More Details>>

3rd Complex Plasma Laboratory Seminar Updates!!

The presentations gave us information from theory to applications. Scientific visualization produced by our students were also presented (13/11/2002) More Details>>

3rd Complex Plasma Laboratory Seminar

We feel very fortunate to have V. N. Tsytovich and K. Ostrikov as our guest in our seminar.(06/11/2002) More Details>>

Dust Cluster Rotation - 3-D Phase Diagram

Rotation of cluster with small number of particles exhibits "periodic pause" at low magnetic field strength. By using visualization package, we provide an indepth look on the reason behind such cluster rotation properties. (05/11/2002) More Details>>

Complex Plasma Vortex - Velocity Distribution Map

An initial attempt in the analysis of vortex motion. (05/11/2002) More Details>>

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