University of Sydney Senior Astrophysics


This page contains notes and other information concerning the 2017 (1st Semester) senior astrophysics module, part of the Senior Physics course.

Computer labs

Most Friday sessions at 12pm are held in the SNH Learning Studio, room 4003 (see table below). Lab handouts are available below or on eLearning; checkpoints are to be completed and marked off by the following lab.


Lecture notes

Date Lecture Topic Lecture
Tue 7 Mar Lecture 1 Introduction pdf  
Wed 8 Mar Lecture 2 Radiation processes pdf  
Fri 10 Mar Lecture 3 Emission and absorption pdf  
Tue 14 Mar Lecture 4 Sources of radiation pdf  
Wed 15 Mar Lecture 5 Stellar structure pdf  
Fri 17 Mar Lab 1 Lab 1: Line formation pdf  
Tue 21 Mar Lecture 6 The main sequence pdf Scientific American article by John Bahcall (1969) on Davis' experiment
Wed 22 Mar Lecture 7 Stellar evolution 1 pdf  
Fri 24 Mar Lab 2 Lab 2: Stellar evolution 1 pdf  
Tue 28 Mar Lecture 8 Stellar evolution 2 pdf  
Wed 29 Mar Lecture 9 Supernovae pdf Core collapse (1.9 Mb); Original from (click on Movies/)
SN1987A rings geometry (4.1 Mb); Original from
Fri 31 Mar Lab 3 Lab 3: Stellar evolution 2 pdf  
Tue 4 Apr Lecture 10 Stellar remnants pdf  
Wed 5 Apr Lecture 11 Binary stars pdf • Article about stable orbits in "Strange Orbits" by Ivars Peterson
• Java applet showing some of the incredibly weird orbits: and
Fri 7 Apr Lab 4 Lab 4: Roche lobes pdf    
Tue 11 Apr Lecture 12 Accretion energy pdf  
Wed 12 Apr Lecture 13 Binary evolution pdf Double pulsar (5.1 Mb) Original from
Mid-semester break
Wed 26 Apr Lecture 14 ADV-only: Problems in binary evolution pdf
Mon 19 Jun Review Review lecture pdf Brief review of major concepts for course


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